Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

Ok, until Christmas and New Years is over I shall be talking
about random things not always about Quilty Things.
Case in point. I needed to get two Christmas cards out
yesterday. I wanted to make them with my new toy the
Vagabond by Sizzix. I have few dies, but what the heck,
I can do this.
So I am looking at my limited supply of paper and what knots
and happen to spy a new box of tags I just
bought at Costco. Oh, boy how cute they
are. I am thinking they would look really
cute glued to my blank cards. Five minutes later
I have my Christmas cards done
and did not even start up my new toy.
I did use Mr. Bond to cut out a very darling Bee.
One of the few dies I do own. I love the way the
machine just sucks the stuff in and spits out my cut designs
without me having to crank the handle. I see many days ahead
spending time with Mr. Bond.
I have been told you can use AccuQuilt dies with Sizzix
machines. Does anyone else have a problem cutting paper
with the same dies that you cut fabric with? Is this just
a carryover from the time we were told
“I will kill you if you use my sewing scissors to cut that paper!"
Sort of like the “You will die if you touch my eyebrow tweezers.”
Well, I guess we shall see. Until next time I have a random thought. Have a super day.

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  1. Sally....I have a Sizzix and a Go! Baby cutter and have cut paper with both with no problems going back to fabric cutting. Theses blades are so sharp that I don't think it should be an issue for you. I remember my mom having "paper" scissors and "fabric" scissors and we knew not to confuse the two or else! LOL!!


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