Thursday, November 29, 2012

November FMQ Challenge

First I have to say "I love Sarah!", with that said, I love spirals. On this sandwich that I started during another month, I continued to do the spirals. Some are really wonky. However, by design. lol
I did take Sarah's class this summer and learned to do spirals. I tried to continue on the sandwiches I made for that class, forgetting what a horrible time I had using them. I made the mistake of using flocked material that I had  been given. Looks pretty, however, my machine does not like it for FMQ.
Two days ago I decided to finish up this assignment and move on. I did move, or rather my chair moved. It slid out from under me. My butt hit the floor, however, it was my knees that hurt for two days. All better today.(Rug is now under chair and cushion is Velcro attached.) After spending an hour trying to get the tension adjusted, then figuring out it was the bobbin that needed to be re-threaded, I decided to just submit what I had already finished.
 I will continue to use spirals.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Challenge

Terri Lucas' tutorial was great, easy to understand and looks super too. Would have thought I could make a go of this one. However, something got in the way. A beautiful baby boy named Adrian. He is my Great Grandson. Named after his Grand Mother Adria, who is named after her Great Grandfather Adrian.

Big Sister Bea and Adrian
I think she likes him